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neja scolio RSC® Intensive Seminar,
Advance Introductional scoliosis education bundle

This video on demand serves as a compilation of valuable lectures. To ensure that every patient receives the best possible care, it is essential to follow the necessary steps: watch the mandatory sessions and successfully pass the exam. Additional chapters will be released periodically to keep you at the highest level of expertise in your field.

Content of this introductional neja scoliosis RSC® bracing education is non-surgical management of idiopathic scoliosis, clinical and radiological aspects, treatment indication, biomechanic aspects of different IS curve pattern, anthropometric measurements, scolioisi brace design according to Rigo type and also psychological intervention. The Practical sessions will teach about radiological measurements with Perdriolle, Raimondi and Goniometer scale and teach classification of different idiopathic scoliosis types as well as specific patient evaluation and documentation, concluding by neja scolio RSC®Brace fittings of different IS types.

Additional to the 12+ hrs of video material you get a hard copy of the workbook, a follow along printout, the Goniometer and the Perdriolle and Raimondi scale.

After taking the online tests, you will receive a participation certificate upon successful completion.

This Advance Bundle Introductional Scoliosis and RSC Bracing on-demand video material may be viewed from one IP only on our educations platform memberspot for a maximum of 13 days / 312 hours.